Our Values

We believe that confident parenting makes for happier children.

At KHFSP, we aim to help parents to feel confident to make the choices that are important to them.

We work in a welcoming and non-judgemental way.

Our staff are kind, approachable and knowledgeable.

We help to reduce feelings of isolation and increase a sense of community and offer a high quality, safe place to play, relax and talk.

At KHFSP, we work actively with partners and connect families to them, ensuring they have access to relevant information and advice.


We work in partnership with other professionals and organisations for the benefit of our families including, Health, Social Care, ChYpPS, The Cambridge City Foodbank and Child and Family Centre’s. We are very fortunate that partners from a range of organisations also attend our sessions to share information and skills with families such as The Community Fire Safety Champions, Oral health, Adult Education and the library service. The project also commissions some services directly for families such as basic First Aid training and Zumba classes. We work with partner agencies supporting identified families as part of formalised plans, along with making specialist referrals to other voluntary and statutory organisations.

History and Governance

The Kings Hedges Family Support Project was designed and set up in 1994 by a group of local professionals and parents.

Sessions were aimed at local families with babies and the very young, supporting them with their parenting and their children’s early crucial years.

These sessions would enable families to come together in their local community, to have companionship and fun. A place where families could feel supported and not judged, where they could access family support services and high quality play and learning opportunities for themselves and their children. A place where families could grow, learn together and from each other, enriching families lives and relationships.


Many years on the ethos of the project has not changed. It works. Families tell us it does on a regular basis. However, the project has certainly grown in numbers and space, thrived on opportunities and endured, not least because of the energy and enthusiasm of all involved – from staff to trustees to families that attend.

The project is overseen by a committee of trustee’s who have overall responsibility for governing the charity. On a day to day basis we have a small team of dedicated delivery and administration staff who keep the wheel’s turning 50 weeks of the year, every year.


We are hugely grateful to our current funders who together help us ensure we can continue to provide our valued and popular groups for local families.

We currently receive grants from The National Lottery Awards for All, Cambridge City Council (Area Committee and Community Grants), The Sobell Foundation, St James’ Place Charitable Foundation, The Clara E Burgess Charity, High Sheriff Fund and the Outlook Fund (both of which are managed through Cambridgeshire Community Foundation), Garfield Weston, The Evelyn Trust and Comic Relief.

We are one of the Cambridge Mayor’s Charities of the Year and would like to thank Cllr Gerri Bird for her support throughout this time.

Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP are supporting us with the funding of a staff post and some additional direct help for our families.

We are also grateful to our local Co-Op for their on going support.